released February 11, 1998



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BRAZZAVILLE Barcelona, Spain

Brazzaville was founded by David Arthur Brown in Los Angeles in 1997. Brazzaville's songs are filled with images of outcasts and misfits dreaming of escaping to a better world. He grew up in Koreatown in the 1980s. His father, a trucker, used to take him to the shipyards in San Pedro to pick up containers and haul them to the trains in Vernon. ... more

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Track Name: Deng Xiaoping
Deng Xiaoping
A true Asada king
Lay dying in Shanghai
A comet tracing through the sky

Chairman Mao
Heard thunder in the dawn
The old guard’s come and gone
And underneath our world’s a drone

While my grandfather floats in the sea
All the angels stare at me
The dome of the sky fades away
All I see is outer space
While my grandfather floats in the sea
Chairman Mao laughs joyfully
The dome of the sky fades away
And every now and then I see some outer space

Off the coast
The shipping lanes are closed
The fields have all gone dry
The satellites are standing by

But Bay-one –
He’s whirling like a Khan
Mole’s like a swan
The airwaves of the demi-monde
Track Name: Caldo de Cana
Agua de coco
Caldo de cana
Dentes de oro
Confusao urbana

The storm clouds roll in
Set me free Fortuna
It’s late and I can’t find my friends
Caldo de cana

Macumba da cidade chegou
Muambeiro anarquista eubou
Malandro tambem tem coracao
The rain’s still coming down
The rain’s still coming down…
Track Name: Sewers of Bangkok
Sewers of Bangkok
That’s what they call me
From the jungle towns
To the slums of the city

I’ve seen the devil
The charming stranger
And I’ve seen the devil
The old bone crusher

I’m the Sewers of Bangkok
And everything rolls off my back
I’ll have coffee and sweet cakes
For everyone stuck on the losing track
The kids picking garbage
The old folks who live by the trains
I’ll wash all their feet with my tears
And their hearts with the summer rain

There’s an order in the world
But it’s hidden from our view
It’s in traffic jams and zip codes
In the early morning blue

It’s in the third world hostess
Who’s turning 33
In the tenant farmer
In the plane that crashed at sea
Track Name: Pablo's Lament
Pablo stares at the moon
Pencil moustache
Cheap hotel room
Waiting for dawn
To take him home

Taxi drivers and whores
Kids on the street
Watching for cops
Keeping him safe
Since his escape
But now it’s late

Soldiers search through the night
Closing in fast
Closing in tight
Each wants to be
The one
To kill the Don
Track Name: Voce
Cumulonimbus forms
The mornings down here are warm
The smuggler has his charm
Smoking in the dawn

Under the Arctic sun
The submarines make their runs
The high-flying planes look on
The endgame has begun

Voce e muito gostosa
Mas tenho namorada ja

Land of the Morning Calm
Land of the Rising Sun
Land of the Atom Bomb
Tigers of Elam

Hey, o mundo caiou bem
I wonder maybe
If you could do the same
Track Name: IMF
Little girl from Hindustan
Holds the world inside her hand
Poorer than a Delhi rat
Feeds the dolphins at the ghat

Factory ships and market share
Stocks and bonds and thinning hair
IMF and shanty towns
Your heroes hiding underground

Look! He’s like a skeleton
Walking naked through Sudan
His children and his wife are dead
He’d like a bullet in his head
Track Name: Shioda
The world can fall apart outside my door
I don’t care no more
The air-raid siren sings the song of war
I don’t care no more

Salt and cherry blossom tea
Has the flavor of the sea

The monsoon winds are punishing the shore
I don’t care no more
The world can fall apart outside my door
I don’t care no more

South of Java in the sea
Nirorukidul’s Ali

The air-raid siren sings the song of war
I don’t care no more
The world can fall apart outside my door
I don’t care no more
Salt and cherry blossom tea…
Track Name: Shams
Ali was a sailor’s son
Joined the merchant fleet at twenty-one
Dreams of ports in distant lands
A bag of figs and some low-grade heroin

As the years rolled by at sea
Ali thought about his destiny
Tired of the sailor’s life
Ali thought he’d find himself a wife

Lisbon, Guangzhou, Taipei, Bandung,
Naples, Brunei, Capetown, Shanghai,
Bangkok, Pusan, Dublin, Luzon,
Lima, Dakar, Cypress, Malta

Sometimes things aren’t what they seem
Late one night our sailor had a dream
A queen of Indonesian lore
A voice he’d loved a thousand years or more

Lisbon, Guangzhou, Taipei, Bandung…

When the typhoon struck at dawn
Ali had his finest civvies on
All the crew were cramped below
And with a smile into the sea he dove
Track Name: 1963 (and hidden track)
Summer’s been delayed
But I don’t want to think about it
In the shade of a Guar Gum tree
Devils by the lake were spotted

Way across the pond
European trade commissions
Selling jasmine in Istanbul
Suicides and freak conditions
Candles by the lake were burning