The Oceans of Ganymede


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released February 23, 2016



all rights reserved


BRAZZAVILLE Barcelona, Spain

Brazzaville was founded by David Arthur Brown in Los Angeles in 1997. Brazzaville's songs are filled with images of outcasts and misfits dreaming of escaping to a better world. He grew up in Koreatown in the 1980s. His father, a trucker, used to take him to the shipyards in San Pedro to pick up containers and haul them to the trains in Vernon. ... more

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Track Name: The Oceans of Ganymede
One day
We'll meet
In the Oceans of Ganymede
Our souls will fly
Past the comets and satellites
Cozy and warm in that ocean
In the sky

I'll trade
My sins
For a bathing suit and some fins
Cozy and warm in that ocean
In the sky
Track Name: Happy Man
You're a player
I know
And I'm happy
Happy just to let it go
'Cause you'll always be
The best thing
In this messed up world to me

And I love you
I don't care
'Bout the cruel things you do
Take my heart
And crush it in your hands
'Cause with you
I'll always be a happy man

The years roll by
It shows
In my salt and pepper hair
My funny clothes
I know it's hard
For you
To say goodbye
To the highlife that we knew

And I love you...
Track Name: Aurelia
Back in high school
Runnin' with the cholos
Like a young fool
It was 3:15 in the mornin'
Down by the sea wall
You took my hands and wrapped me
In your black shawl
Then you stole my heart without warnin'

Ahhhh my sweet Aurelia
Dawn in California

Where did the years go?
Last I heard you moved out to
New Mexico
To a farm with organic honey
I've got a family
A stable job and life insurance
But your memory still hasn't left me

Ahhh my sweet Aurelia...
Track Name: Girl
Try to hold on, girl
It ain't easy when the world piles up
I'll be your rock, girl
You can hold me when you're drownin'

Go on and cry, girl
You don't always have to be so strong
All of us die, girl
That's how we find our way home

And there's a thunderstorm
In the city
And it might wash us out
To sea
Maybe if we're lucky

Storm colored eyes, girl
And a juvenile delinquent smile
You're still a child, girl
And I've loved you for a long while

So, go on and cry, girl.....
Track Name: Dear Diary
Dear Diary
Some days it's hard to be a
Human Being
My step father drinks and beats my
Mom and me
And I stutter when I try to speak
Tears on my pillow

Dear Diary
The kids at my school like to laugh
At me
I'm tall and I'm skinny and have
Funny teeth
And I stutter when I try to speak
Tears on my pillow
Track Name: Aleppo
Aleppo in Spring
Was calm
And migrant birds would sing
Now it's gone away
It's all just dust
And bones
And hate

Aleppo's gone
She took all my loved ones with her
It's time to move on
To the unknown
A rusty old boat
Smugglers and nasty weather
The European coast
Sadness and hope

With my law degree
I'm still
A rain soaked refugee
Far away from home
There's still
Some Aleppo in me

But Aleppo's gone....
Track Name: Sleep On My Shoulder
Come sleep on my shoulder
For a while
Let go of our troubled world
Sleep like a little child
In the morning I'll go
A jet plane will far away from home
So sleep on my shoulder for a while

I'm not myself when you're away
A minute feels like an hour
An hour's like a day
Come back to me soon
I feel like I'm on the dark side of the moon
A frozen and lightless string of days

Love takes us all by surprise
That 3 AM look in your eyes
Your eyes, your eyes, your eyes
That 3 AM look in your eyes

Life is a dream in this hotel
Saunas and Michelin stars
Shallots and chanterelles
But it's wasted on me
Back in your arms is where I long to be
Listenin' to rainfall by the sea

Love takes us all by surprise....
Track Name: Robot
People used to ride horses
Then they moved on to cars
Then on to big jet planes
And rockets to the stars
Why's my soul any different?
Trapped in this delicate skin
I'd rather be made of titanium
And free of all my sins

I'd rather be a robot
I'd rather be a robot
I'd rather be a robot
While I'm in this world
I'd rather be a robot writing poems
On a Sunday afternoon

People are fragile
And so full of fear
Greed rage and envy
And wonderin' why we're here
Robots are humble
An empathetic lot
And they aren't constantly tortured
By the instincts that we've got

I'd rather be a robot...
Track Name: Christopher's Mother
Christopher's mother lived
Down by UCLA
A Hollywood movie star
Who had started to fade

Chris played an old guitar
And camped the sea
The wild California coast
With it's warm desert breeze

Black Tar and China White
From Downtown LA
They captured my dearest friend
And they dragged him away

The Pick Me Up
And The Onyx Cafe
We were so young and free
How I wished you could stay
Track Name: Rockaway Beach
Tiny sand dunes
In the midday sun
Tattooed young Dominicans
A gentle breeze from New York City
Salt and diesel fumes
And life seemed not so out of reach
That day on Rockaway Beach

She seemed so serious
And so debonnaire
Salt water dryin' in her hair
Her eyes closed tight against the glare
Life's hard at 23
But life seemed not so out of reach
That day on Rockaway Beach

Candy wrappers
In the sand
Old men strollin' down the strand
Airplanes off to distant lands
Full of hopes and dreams
And life seemed not so out of reach
That day on Rockaway Beach
Track Name: Marshrutka Girl
It's 8 AM
The winter sun is weak and it's gray and it's grim
And the mud stained windows
Don't let a whole lot in
13 strangers in a rundown yellow van
And the boys' breath and the men's breath
Both smell like last night's beer and vodka runs
Like father like father
Like son
There's a quiet desperation
In this academic suburb
North of Kingdom Come
But it's home

The people's loss
Is lying there beneath the permafrost
Bankers and some clever oligarchs
Prowl the Taiga like hungry
Tiger sharks
And the boys' breath....
Track Name: Fanny
First I rise
Then I fall
Seems like you don't want the love of this man
At all
And it's sure been a lonely time
Right up to the time I met you
And if you take a love like mine

Be tender with my love
You know how easy it is
To hurt me
Fanny be tender with my love
'Cause it's all that I've got
And my love won't desert me

You say to yourself, boy
You're out of your brain
You think I'm gonna stand here
All night in the rain
And it's the start of a love affair
The moment when I first met you
And if you want I'll take you there

Be tender with my love
You know how it is to break me....