Recorded at the Speed Semen Clove Factory in Los Angeles in 1998/99. Produced by Michael Rozon.


released March 11, 2000

Produced by Michael Rozon.



all rights reserved


BRAZZAVILLE Barcelona, Spain

Brazzaville was founded by David Arthur Brown in Los Angeles in 1997. Brazzaville's songs are filled with images of outcasts and misfits dreaming of escaping to a better world. He grew up in Koreatown in the 1980s. His father, a trucker, used to take him to the shipyards in San Pedro to pick up containers and haul them to the trains in Vernon. ... more

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Track Name: Air Mail
Fallen down
He’s too weary
Can’t get up
His eyes are blurry
He just fades away

He’s drunk up 1/2 his weight in sherry
Swallowed the apothecary
Whispering a farewell lullaby

I’ve seen enough in my old life
Just send an airmail to my wife
Tell her her hobo’s gone and died
And that my world is looking wide

He came to town
37 years ago
His hair was long
His eyes were blue
He lived down by the sea
Head full of poetry
Rock & roll and galleries
Nickel bags and happenings
The fall of ’63

I’ve seen enough in my old life… etc.

The years rolled by
3rd & Broadway caught his eye
Black tar, speed and china white
Took it all away
Left him in ragged clothes
Cardboard boxes for a home
An old man when he should be young
Trashing through the day
Track Name: Foreign Disaster Days
Fades like a super 8
Shot from above the parade
My mother the sad young Jew
Glimpsed in a dream or two
She’s always my saving grace

Love beneath the waves
Memories of her face
Drag me down like heroin
Foreign Disaster Days

Well there’s nothing like a car bomb
Window shopping at three
All she ever wanted
Was a lighthouse by the sea
Track Name: Sandman
Hills facing east
The slums have a view
Of the sea
Towards Africa gaze
The rains last for weeks

1st of the year
We’ll meet in Flamengo
For tea
We’ll smoke cigarettes
By the sea
Sandman & me

Menina dengosa
Nao chore amor
A vida e saudade
Beleza e dor
La da Palestrina
Morre o cantor

Word on the street
Jorge Ben’s gonna sing
New Year’s Eve
In Rio the rains
Last for weeks
The rains last for weeks
Track Name: Boeing
Late afternoon
A girl in a black-lit room
Music plays
She dances her heart away
Worn out days
Head full of cheap cocaine

Old memories fade
Of Europe in younger days
With long haired boys
Hitchhiking down to Spain
Up all night
Laughin’ in cheap cafes

Carry me away
Help me press erase
On all of my stupid mistakes

Trans-Atlantic Boeing dreams
Coffee and French TV
30,000 feet above the sea
Jet stream and poppy seeds
Sad to leave
Track Name: Casa Batllo
She smelled like a thunderstorm
When I met her
Down in the Tenderloin
Sipping tea

Vicodin pills, some scotch
And a sweater
Soon I was feeling
Back on my feet

She lived in a little shack
By the water
The sound of the ships would lull
Us to sleep

A couple of sloths the world
Had forgotten
With nothing but youth
And faraway dreams

After the saints fly home
Solomon resting in his tomb
Paperbacks on a train
Sugarcane fields
All wet with rain

Hurricane lanterns glow
After the rain the boats are slow
I’d rather be left behind
Nothing’s as pure
As an empty mind
Track Name: Lazy, Flawed and Hopeless
Lunch special
Cuban fried bananas
Lazy, flawed & hopeless

All our cars
Are rusted through
TV’s in the garbage
Lazy, flawed & hopeless

Fame and Fortune
We’re caught up in the game
I love the smell
Of asphalt in the rain

When my days
Have come and gone
Lay down with my blanket
Lazy, flawed & hopeless

Load me on
An aeroplane
Point me towards the tropics
Lazy, flawed & hopeless
Lazy, flawed & hopeless
Track Name: Jane
I miss you dear
It’s quiet up here
Lost in the troposphere
At dawn
Hurricane clouds appear
Roll on…

An April storm
Yamamba clones
Lost in the troposphere
At dawn
Hurricane clouds appear
Roll on…

Asteroid fields
Comets and mangosteen
Vapor trails
Lost on a lonely beach

The old transmission flaw
Empty eyes
With no place left to go
Lost in the troposphere
At dawn
Track Name: Super Gizi
Let’s make a scene
‘Cause baby, you’re my queen
You are my favorite time day
New York in May
A Barcelona rain
Nothing’s as moving as you little face

Jet lagged at sea
Like Super Gizi in my tea
Mistress from Bangkok
Fallen beauty of my dreams

After the rain
The comets linger in the sky
Lyin’ on his back
He watched the satellites float by

If life’s just a dream
A melancholy scene
I want to sleep with you forever dear…
Track Name: 4AM Osaka
4 a.m. Osaka
My brain’s a mess
Octopus balls and sauce
End of the century stress

Sleeping on the floor
Of a record store
The girl that I love’s at home
Facing the world alone

Eyvind Kang
Eyvind Kang
Eyvind Kang
Waltzing with Eyvind Kang

Sea cucumber stew
And a pot of tea
Taiwanese cigarettes
Commuters all fast asleep
Track Name: Old Man Dub
Pall Malls
And a racing form
Oh oh oh…
An old man
In a furnished room
Oh oh oh…

Had his eyeglasses
Smashed again
Oh oh oh…
Prowlin’ downtown
For some teenage skin
Oh oh oh…

Fingernail dirt
And blackhead cheeks
Oh oh oh…
His faded “Members
Only” speaks
Oh oh oh

The sky says forever
The clouds wander by
The heat of September
Makes him glow

Korean War
Setting sun
Dashing and young
Now he’s so alone
Track Name: 3rd and Broadway
Runnin’ downtown with the drag queens
turning tricks
Down by the pier
A twenty’ll buy a balloon and some beer

It’s our weakness that makes us beautiful
to God,
That’s what she said
If your life’s too safe you might as well
be dead

Quedate en tu apartamiento…

She smiled a lot for a girl who was raped
Since she was 12
Her Daddy said, Girl you’re goin’ straight
to hell

Back in Puerto Rico
The dawn smelled like cinnamon
Cumulonimbus clouds hid the sun

3rd & Broadway…
Land of Sad Days